Carbon Footprints in the Snow

Luna Bloin-Wibe (Physics MSc) talks to Amy MacFarlane (PhD Student at
SLF, Davos) about how to prepare for an expedition far beyond the
polar circle, questioning research practices, and the balance between
collecting data and being sustainable.

Fuelling the Energy Transition

Petia Arabadjieva (Physik BSc) asks Dr. Gianluca Ambrosetti (Co-founder and CEO of Synhelion) about the value of a physics background for
tackling the energy crisis and what it takes to make a real impact.

ConCERNed for Humanity

Anna Knörr (Physics BSc) meets Michael Dittmar (Dr. at ETH and CERN).
A portrait about a scientist who was not unaffected by the events of
the cold and Iraqian wars. An illustration of how one can discuss
societal and ecological issues in the research community – and how
it can fail.

When walking means talking (and listening!)

Jan Zibell (Physics MSc) and David Bresch (Prof. Weather and Climate
Risks) have a conversation about insurability in a changing climate,
understanding other people’s value systems, collective learning,
and the benefits of a physics education. One certain learnable skill
turns out as particularly pivotal.